From the heart of South East Asia

We Design & Develop transparent solutions which Empower Passions and Fulfill Desires.

We take advantage of our expertise in developing technologies from the business sector and work to produce digital platforms that allow people to become genuinely excited and passionate about the world around them.

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Our Business Principles

ValenceX is created to remove barriers between technology and passions. Our products are meticulously built around these fundamental concepts:
Transparent Technology

I. Transparent Technology

Our products are designed to offer the cleanest experience possible while keeping the complexities away.

privacy by Design

II. Privacy by Design

Our business model will never revolve around collecting, analyzing and selling your personal information to the highest bidder.

Global First

III. Global First

Born in the heart of South East Asia in Singapore, we are building our products with a global-first attitude and access.

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Experience the Nomad Lifestyle

Throughout 2019, we will grow our operations to incorporate:

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    Global Customer Support

    Providing a safe environment for everyone to understand, use and complement their abilities using our digital solutions.

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    24/7 Protection

    Digital products face a constant struggle to stay online, secure and safe for all members involved.

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    Constant Innovation

    The best products are the ones that never cease innovating in their offering and remain a step above the competition.

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Arthur C. Clarke

"Advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic"

We aim to exceed our product quality with every iteration, every time being one step closer to offering the excitement of magic.